What should I wear?!

We want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible throughout your photo session, so if you can’t walk comfortably in those high heels, it’s probably best to leave them at home! However, these images will be on your walls and a part of your memories forever so we still want you to look your best and wear clothing that reflects your personality.

If your session is in the summer, make sure you and your family are wearing cool, comfortable clothing. In the winter, wrap up warm in your favourite coat and scarf. The images will reflect the time of year so dress for the weather.

To get the most natural images it's best not to keep stopping to adjust/add/subtract clothing so let's embrace your winter warmers or summer sandals!


It’s preferable to wear solid colours rather than busy patterns so you don’t clash with the surroundings. Generally speaking, muted tones and neutral colours work better than bright colours so that you remain the subject, not your clothes.

Try to stay clear of big logos and brands that will go out of fashion and date the images.

In group/family sessions it’s more visually appealing if you’re wearing similar tones and colours that go well together so you don’t clash with eachother.


I’m more than happy to come and have a look at your wardrobe to guide you if you’re stuck on what to wear.

Finally, don’t listen to the rules too much, be your natural self!