What is lifestyle photography?

Whilst searching for the right photographer for you and your family, you may have come across the term 'lifestyle photography', amongst many others. If you're unsure exactly what this is then read on...

Lifestyle photography is essentially portrait and documentary photography combined and is about capturing real moments and true emotions on camera as they occur, doing things the subjects would usually do together to create an honest portrayal of their life.

A lifestyle session could involve a walk in the park, baking at home or any activity at all that expresses the personilities within a family.
A true lifestyle photography session would involve no/minimal intervention from the photographer.

I have a confession to make...
In order to get optimum results and produce the absolute best images of your family I will guide and occassionally pose you in certain ways to create the most natural looking images. The amount of guidance from me varies greatly from session to session and I'll use my artistic judgement to decide when I need to pose and when I should stand back.

A session with KMGS Photography is about the balance between candid and posed images combined to tell the story of your family and the results will be natural and 'lifestyle'. I would prefer to create amazing images for your family than to stick to the rules for the sake of a definition.

So, by definition, not all of my sessions are truly lifestyle throughout, however my aim is to create the most natural 'lifestyle' images that are completely personalised and unique to you and your family.