Your experience with KMGS Photography

Your experience with KMGS Photography


Thank you for your interest in KMGS Photography.

My goal is to create beautiful art that will represent you and your family as you are now. These images will mean more and more to you as time passes by so by making the investment now you are creating memories and emotions for your future self, your children, their children and so on.

Whether you're looking to brighten up your walls with memories, create a family album for your coffee table or send gifts to family members I am here to guide you through the process and provide you with the best quality products that suit your family and lifestyle.

Each family and every session is different from the last. You might want help choosing something to wear and guidance on products, in which case we'll meet up before the session to go through the details. However, you might know exactly what you want from the session and not need so much preliminary guidance.

Where will the session take place?

Is there somewhere you regularly visit that means something special to you as a family? I love the idea of adding even more sentimental value to your images by using this special place as a location. Even if it isn't the most stereotypically photogenic of places I will visit the location beforehand and scope it out to get the most out of it. In home sessions are also possible, these are great in light and airy homes with big windows, however I can work around any lighting situation so don't worry if you don't have the 'perfect' show home! I also have locations that I like to use around Lincolnshire so don't worry if you don't have somewhere in mind, I'll help find a location that works for your family depending on the setting you're looking for.

The session might even involve me coming on your family day out. I love doing these types of sessions, it means I can truly capture you as a family, doing the things you usually do on family days.

I prefer the natural 'lifestyle' approach. So I will try and get you looking your natural self, my aim on a photo session is to freeze moments in time and make it look as if I wasn't there. Within the session I do often like to get a few posed shots, where perhaps you are all looking at the camera but it's the 'in between' shots I really love.

What happens next?

After the session, once I have edited all the images we will meet up and go through them together as a slideshow so you can choose and we can start creating your art. There is no minimum spend so if you're only looking for a couple of family prints for your kitchen then that's absolutely fine, there are packages available to save yourself some money or you can choose individual products.

I will then work on creating your products and deliver them to your home, ready to be proudly displayed in your home.

Let's get making memories!