Morocco, June 2015

£65 to fly to another continent and back has got to be a good deal! I'd been fancying Morocco for a while and had heard some not too positive things about Marrakesh (although I've still never been and would definitely like to try it) but the Fez medina seemed enchanting, like a step back in time.

You will definitely get lost in the Fez medina (Fes el Bali). There hasn't been an accurate map made of the 7000 streets and alleyways that make it up (or at least there hadn't in 2015 when we went), but that's the fun of it. Just make sure you don't have too much of a tight schedule, as you will probably end up getting lost on your way. No vehicles are allowed within the medina, nor would they fit through alot of it, so you see people with donkeys and horses passing carrying goods. There's so much going on, market traders working on and selling clothes, pottery, leather goods, food and drink and stray cats running around after scraps of meat. It is like stepping into a carless, timeless world, so different to anywhere else I’ve been.

We then went North on a bumpy bus ride through the mountains to the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen for a couple of nights before coming back to Fez to fly back home.

Here are some my favourite images from the trip.

Bab Rcif

Fez Morocco travel photography

Rooftop view from the middle of the medina

Fez Morocco travel photography

Around the Fez medina.

Fez Morocco stock photography
Fez Morocco stock photography

Bab Boujeloud

Moroccan cookery class at Cafe Clock

Chefchaouen & the Rif Mountains

Chefchaouen Morocco travel photography
Chefchaouen travel photography
Chefchaouen travel photography

Around the Chefchaouen medina.

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