Nuremberg, December 2017

Nuremberg is a picturesque city in Bavaria with a lot of history. This was my first time in Nuremberg but I can't imagine it at any other time of year, it just seemed to really suit being Christmassy (probably the fact that the Christmas Market took over the city!). It's full of very pretty buildings and every pub we went in was cosy and quaint.

A lot of Nuremberg was destroyed during World War Two. Some buildings (particularly churches) were rebuilt to their original plans so look the same as they did before they were destroyed and others were built from scratch. You get a real feel of old and new working together and the results of the rebuilt city are very attractive.


Nuremberg Castle

Nuremberg castle.jpg

Views from Sinwell Tower

Nuremberg castle view Germany.jpg

St Sebaldus Church

Nuremberg Christmas Market.

Germany is the birthplace of the Christmas market and Nuremberg has one of the biggest and oldest in the country, flowing through most of the old town.

You can see some amazing historic photographs from Nuremberg Christmas market at the following link. Many of the stalls were selling handmade wooden gifts and toys, which don't look too different to those in the historic photographs, timeless.


Some photos of us from the trip.

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