Children's lifestyle photography in the woods, Lincoln

Little Amie is nearly at her third birthday so her mummy wanted to get some nice natural photographs of her at this important milestone, doing what she enjoys most, exploring outdoors!

We decided that a woodland walk would be suitable and would make for some pretty backgrounds for her to star in. We found a wooded area just outside Lincoln and went for a walk.

How cute is Amie's woodland style headband!? (Made by Sew Harper's Style, you can find them on facebook: Sew Harper's Style)

Amie had lots of fun looking for fish in the pond, she said she saw 12! She soon swapped the magic wand she brought with her for a stick that she found in true woodland fashion.

We stopped for a moment to ponder the complexities of life.

My eyes lit up when we came across a stash of wood in the woods. What a cool background this would make.

A quick outfit change into a cute dress and we're off again.

We came across a wooden shack and Amie pretended to be Princess Elsa in her ice castle.

Isn't she pretty?!

A quick sandwich stop and then we head back, stopping to say hello to the chickens before we leave.

Birthdays are important milestones so it's a fitting time to get those photographs done, they grow up so quickly! In lifestyle sessions you're not only capturing what your child looked like at these important milestones but your future self can also glimpse back at your child's personality at the time as you see them enjoying the activities they loved. Most importantly we are creating memories that your child will surely remember if there are photographs around the home they can see regularly.

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